October 2011 Updates

1. The latest version of our CPE brochure is at
2. Our Dinner for a Cause has been moved to October 20th, 6pm at the Sangkabalayan Center (Baguio). Contact us if you have any questions.
3. Graduation of the Manila CPE Batch 3 groups is on November 12. Details to follow.
4. CPO is coming. Clinical Pastoral Orientation (preparatory course to CPE) will be started at Philippine College of Ministry (Baguio City) starting this November. This will be the first time we have done this course, and perhaps the first time this course has been done in the Philippines. This is a matter of both excitement and prayer.
5. CPE batch 3A (Baguio) is about to graduate. Planning to have a graduation outing to La Union with batch 2 (who has already finished) during the first week of November. More to follow here as well.


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