Intentional Conversation Mini-Workshop


We recently started our Mini-Workshop series. It started last year with two trainings related to disaster response and stress defusing. This year we started with “Intentional Conversation” especialy focusing on the use of intentional conversation in gaining understanding and or seeking change in a relationship. DSC03924

We had 38 attendees with 1 hour of more standard lecture and an hour of group discussion and roleplay. Thanks to PBTS for giving us space to use for this training, as well as providing snacks for attendees.

We are looking into doing our next Mini-Workshop in February on the topic of “Mediation.”


Northridge Academy Recollection

Northridge Academy held a Recollection Training and Service at Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary, led by Bukal Life Care & Counseling Center. Approximately 90 students, grades 6th through 4th year gathered. In the morning, training was by Bukal Life starting with self-understanding and working through group process and team-building to understanding of family role.

Banners by different student groups at Recollection service.

In the afternoon, students gave presentations based on different virtues and were given awards based on these presentations. Following this was the Recollection Service that included a message by Rev. Joel Aguirre (Exec. Director of Bukal Life) on the role of the person in relationship with God.

Northridge Academy is a private school based in Baguio City. We thank Principal Julie Sibucao and Ma’am Gay (guidance counselor) for working with us in making this a profitable partnership.