CPE Summer

Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) will start at Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary through Bukal Life Care starting March 24, 2014 and continuing for 10-11 weeks. CPE was developed in the 1920s as a method to provide caring support to the mental, emotional, and spiritual needs of those in mental institutes, hospitals, and prisons. It has broadened its role to include care in the church/parish and community.

This is an intensive program of 400 hours of didactic, group work, and practical ministry.

This can be taken as a full CPE unit (400 hours) or half unit (200 – 240 hours).

Practical ministry will primarily be carried out in local hospitals and jails in greater Baguio City. Other venues, such as church/parish work is also possible.

For some, it may also be possible to take CPE for credit with Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary.

If interested or you have questions, you may contact us at info@bukallife.org.

If you go to the forms section of http://www.bukallife.org, you can download our CPE brochure and CPE application. Otherwise, you may email us at info@bukallife.org and we can send you these items.



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