Basic Program/Schedule of Events for Disaster Response for Ministers Training

Wednesday (May 13)
Before 2pm        Registration at Finance/Dorms
2pm 1st              Session/ Welcome/Intro
3:30pm               Break
4pm                    2nd Session
5:30pm               Dinner
7:30am               Breakfast
8:30am               3rd Session
10 am                 Break
10:30 am            4th Session
12 pm                 Lunch
1:30 pm              5th Session
3 pm                   Break
3:30 pm              6th Session
5:30 pm              Dinner
Friday                            (Same Schedule as Thursday)
7:30am              Breakfast
8:30am              11th Session
10:am                Break
10:15 am          12th Session/ Graduation/Certificates
11:30 am           Lunch


What’s New in Summer and Beyond

<For the most part, this is a repeat of a post on the CPSP-Philippines website:;

A few updates. As Summer is beginning here (Summer starts in March in the Philippines) a number of things are happening.

1.  Clinical Pastoral Care.  CPO (“Clinical Pastoral Orientation”), a shortened-form of CPE intended for professionals and Bible school students, is finishing up in Baguio. CPO has requirements that are approximately 1/4th of a Full Unit of CPE (and according to my calculations, that is 1/2 of the requirements of a Half Unit). It provides a taste of the philosophy and training structure of CPE for those who are curious… and can be taken for school credit in some places.

Additionally, our Foundations of Clinical Pastoral Care book in development has just pased the 100 page mark (finally). It is almost a year and a half in development… but it is rolling now. It seeks to integrate the methodology and insights of the modern CPE and pastoral care movements, with the insights and theological grounding of the historical pastoral care movement. Prayerfully, the first draft should ready by June. This will provide the text basis for CPO/CPC training.

CPO will start again, hopefully, in June or July, but this time in Bulacan. Will keep you updated. <Note: While CPE is certified certified by CPSP-PI in conjunction with the standards of CPSP, CPO is not. It is a training program under the standards of Bukal Life Care… following methodology and quality standards of the CPSP-PI CPE program.>

2.  Clinical Pastoral Education. CPE always seems to be a fluid thing since it is small groups driven by need and opportunity. However, it LOOKS like CPE will be held this Summer at:

  • Three locations in Manila
  • One location in Baguio  (Full unit starts March 16. Half unit starts 2nd week of April)
  • One location in Korea

3.  D.Min. in “Pastoral Counseling and Clinical Pastoral Supervision.”  This program is held in Central Philippines University, in partnership with CPSP and CPSP-PI. The program is new but on-going. We are excited by its potential.

4.  Disaster Response Chaplaincy. CPSP-PI, Bukal Life Care, and Philippines Baptist Theological Seminary, will be holding a 3-day intensive training in Disaster Response Chaplaincy May 13-16 (yes, it looks like 4 days… but the ends are cut off). One of the goals of CPSP-Philippines is to add a sub-specialty for Clinical Chaplains of Disaster Response Chaplain.

5.  CPSP-PI Standards and MOA. CPSP-Philippinesstandards have been disseminated for utilization by chapters, training centers, and CPE programs. They closely follow the standards set by CPSP. The Memorandum of Agreement between CPSP and CPSP-Philippines has been written up and is presently being reviewed by both parties. Hopefully, the final version will be done soon for signing. The MOA will ensure equivalency of programs and reciprocity of certifications between the organizations.

January Updates

We have been very busy with many guests coming by for various reasons. Exciting times, but it is now time to get back into leading training.
1.  Regular Summer CPE starts March 16th. It will be supervised by Celia Munson (myself), as well as Dr. Paul Tabon. 11 weeks long
2.  Half Unit Summer CPE will start in April (exact date to be determined). It will be supervised by Jehny Pedazo. It will be approximately 6 weeks..
3.  CPO (Introduction to CPE). Starts this Monday (1pm-6pm) at Bukal Life Care Office. Lasts 6 weeks.

All of these program plan to have palliative care and disaster response sub-specialties incorporated into them. Both Intensive and half unit CPE are certified by CPSP-PHilippines (and CPSP).
4.  Disaster Response 4-day intensive. May 13-16. This is a partnership between PBTS, Bukal Life Care, and Virginia Baptist Disaster Response.

If you have any questions, text 0933-302-0373 or 0916-557-9549.

Volunteer Guide for Disaster Response Counselors in the Philippines

<div style=”margin-bottom:5px”> <strong> <a href=”; title=”Disaster Response Volunteer Guide” target=”_blank”>Disaster Response Volunteer Guide</a> </strong> from <strong><a href=”; target=”_blank”>Bob Munson</a></strong> </div>

Disaster Response. Updates

Thanks to those who have given to support crisis care counseling with the disaster from Typhoon Yolanda. We won’t list them all at once, so we will list two today. Thanks for the generous support from ‘Virginia Baptist Mission Board” Disaster Relief, and “La Trinidad Community of Believers.” Because of this we have been able to train volunteers and support response teams.

The first team, led by Dr. Nori Lacquian, with a member of the Bukal Life Team, and several students at Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary, are on station in Ormoc City. Other teams are in Tacloban or soon to depart.

Last week we trained 25 in crisis response. This week, we had another training with NOVA crisis care, and Art Therapy, with emphasis on crisis response for children. More trainings are coming.

CPSP-Philippines is putting together several teams, especially working with refugees from Tacloban. Some members of Bukal Life Care are involved with that work. Bukal Life Care is a training center of CPSP-PI (and in fact was the first certified training center of the College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy in the Philippines).

Several others trained in our CPE program (for example, Fr. German) are part of other groups serving in the Visayas. We are thankful to find those trained having the opportunity.

Disaster 2

Disaster 1_

November 2013 Updates… Updated

1.  Keep those in the Visayas in prayer who are in the process of weathering the Supertyphoon Yolanda. Some in this area have also had been through a major earthquake recently.

2.  Thanks to Sr. Angie in leading a dental/optical mission to Bagulin, La Union. Thanks also to Ptr. Mateo for hosting our team. Thanks for resource assistance from Aquashine and Dr. Alex Alcantara. And thanks to all of the team volunteers for the sacrifice of time and skill.

3.  BOT meeting is planned for November 15th 11am to 1:30pm. Tentative location is Cafe Will in Baguio City.

4.  Mid-November… Half unit of CPE anticipated led by Joyce Gray.

5.  Mid-January… Half unit of CPE anticipated led by Celia Munson.

6.  Mid-January… CPO will begin at PBTS led by Joyce Gray.

7.  Mid March… CPSP Annual meeting in the US. At least two expected to attend from our group. Maybe more.

8.  Late March… CPE Summer intensive (full unit) expected to start.

9. Also note: We have been asked to do crisis care in multiple locations. Please pray with us in how or if we can help in these place.

Calendar Items for July 2013

Past:  June 25th, PBTS Signing and Bukal Life Care office open house.

1.  CPE Batch (Jun – Aug) led by Joyce is ongoing.
2.  Staff Meeting, July 4th (Hopefuly no fireworks <joke>) at 10:30am – 1pm
3.  Disaster Response Counseling Training. Friday July 5, 5pm, La Trinidad
4.  Group Crisis Care, Saturday, July 13, all day, Abatan, Benguet
5.  Baguio and Benguet CPSP Chapter Life (Dates TBD)
6.  “Saturday” CPE, Half Unit, led by Celia. Starting 1st week in August, 10 weeks.

Sorrow at Christmas 2012

We like to focus on the JOY of Christmas. But we know that this is not always the case. In the Campostela Valley of Mindanao, a typhoon came through recently and led to flash flooding and a great deal of loss of life and property.

Last year, our disaster response team joined the Philippine National Red Cross, Kagayan Disaster Response Network, and other groups to train and provide crisis care. This time we did not. Others are taking on that role. With this disaster, our role is much smaller. Essentially, our role is to help others help those in need.

Our partner in the US, Carmelita, with her church Gautier United Methodist, sent over boxes of hospital blankets, towels, gowns and so forth. We have been sharing these with one of the hospitals that we work with in our chaplaincy training. However, we were able to send dozens of these blankets to the Masbate Clinic here in Baguio who are collecting blankets for the evacuation centers in Mandinao. Additionally, Good News Camp in Waynesboro, PA, gave us collections from a week of camp for children in Mindanao. We focus on training and providing pastoral care… not on seeking and distributing donations. However, in these cases, we are blessed to have these to be able to forward to those in need.

It is awesome that major players do major things in times of sorrow. But so often what matters is people who in their own way, big or small, help those who need it… sharing God’s joy.




Cagayan de Oro Flooding Response Trip Update after Day 1

Our team of 5 individuals from Bukal Life Care & Counseling Center began the trip to Cagayan de Oro (CDO) on Monday approximately 6AM. The previous week flooding resulted in over 1000 deaths and 50,000 in temporary housing. The team arrived in Manila and got on their 4PM flight to Cagayan de Oro. Unfortunately due to bad weather in CDO, the plane was diverted Davao, a city that is 10 hours from CDO by bus. Arriving in Davao, they were able to find a van going to CDO and began the overnight trek. Local government was not recommending taking the overland route because of risk of landslides, but since air travel was cancelled, there was no choice.
The team arrived around 7AM on the 27th. After breakfast, they began training local church and layleaders in crisis intervention. During the previous week, local government, government agencies, NGOs and religious groups joined together in CDO to plan response. Because of our plan to come down, the evangelical churches were given the responsibility for crisis counseling/intervention. They formed Ka-gayan Evangelical Disaster Response Network. This was the group we started training. 97 trainees were with us on the first day of training. The same trainees plan to join us on day two of training. The following day, our team will work with the trainees in crisis counseling/intervention with primary and secondary victims of the flooding.

After the first day of training, the team visited some of the major flood areas. Now they are catching up on their sleep (having been awake for two full days). We will update you all in a couple of days.

Flooding in Northern Mindanao

Please keep the people of Northern Mindanao in your prayers as they are recovering from massive flooding. Hundreds have died and thousands are in temporary shelters. We are looking to put together a disaster response counseling team. We need your prayers in this… but they need your prayers much more than us.