January Updates

We have been very busy with many guests coming by for various reasons. Exciting times, but it is now time to get back into leading training.
1.  Regular Summer CPE starts March 16th. It will be supervised by Celia Munson (myself), as well as Dr. Paul Tabon. 11 weeks long
2.  Half Unit Summer CPE will start in April (exact date to be determined). It will be supervised by Jehny Pedazo. It will be approximately 6 weeks..
3.  CPO (Introduction to CPE). Starts this Monday (1pm-6pm) at Bukal Life Care Office. Lasts 6 weeks.

All of these program plan to have palliative care and disaster response sub-specialties incorporated into them. Both Intensive and half unit CPE are certified by CPSP-PHilippines (and CPSP).
4.  Disaster Response 4-day intensive. May 13-16. This is a partnership between PBTS, Bukal Life Care, and Virginia Baptist Disaster Response.

If you have any questions, text 0933-302-0373 or 0916-557-9549.


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