Upcoming Schedule September/October 2012

Okay. Things getting focused… finally.

SEP 1 (Saturday) CPO (Celia) and Brent School (Joyce)
SEP 3  (Monday) Start of CPE, batch Baguio 
SEP 5 (Wednesday) Staff meeting (11am)
SEP 9 (Sunday) TBC Grief and Loss training (Celia et al)
SEP 12-14.  PABATS meeting, Cebu (Doc Ryan)
SEP 25-27. AofG convention (NE), Aglipay, Quirino (Celia and Jehny)
OCT 2. Video conference with Barbara McGuire (Baguio staff)
OCT 6. BOT Annual Meeting
OCT 13-28. Missionary Member Care (Bob and Celia)
OCT 18-29. Dr. Espineda visit.

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