September Updates

  1.  Celia spoke at the Intergenerational Forum at the Baguio City Hall on September 8th, on grandparenting. It went very very well, and it will be followed up by a seminar she will be given at DSWD on September 18th on parenting.
  2. Doc Paul’s CPE group is in the middle of their training. Celia’s group will start at the end of this month. However, some of them have already started working on their requirements.
  3. October will be the time of our annual board meeting. This is an important time to review, assess, and plan.
  4. Upcoming trainings in November with Dr. Raymond Lawrence (CPSP general secretary) and in January with Rev. Debbie Miller (APC-certified chaplain).
  5. We have had fruitful discussions with BCYA (Baguoi Council for Young Adults) that include some opportunities for chaplaincy training with them, as well as some training opportunities.

If you have any questions, email us at or text us at 0916-557-9549.

Below are a few pictures from the Intergenerational Forum

a100_0608 A100_0615 a100_0619 a100_0622 a100_0625


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