“Summer” Updates

CPE 2013 AVSTM 1Two photos included here. One of them is a picture of the first batch of Summer Interns for CPE. This batch is relatively diverse with two Catholic, two Anglican, and two Evangelical ministers each. Heading the orientation is Celia Munson, CPSP-certified Supervisor-In-Training, serving with Bukal Life Care. A second batch of Summer Interns will begin in April.

The other photo also involves Celia. This one involves Basic First Aid training with Asia Vision-STM. Asia Vision-STM is a training and sending organization, based in Baguio City Philippines, for sending Filipinos (especially) into Southeast and Central Asia on short-term missions. Bukal Life Care has been partnering with AV-STM for some time now with training, materials, and evaluations. While it may seem strange that we would be leading a class on Basic First Aid, Bukal Life Care takes the term “Life Care” seriously. It is holistic– concerned with physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being. As such, it is important for the STMers to be healthy, but also to be a help to others. We were also able to provide some supplies to them to help them in this work. Their blogsite is www.avstm.wordpress.com.


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