What is “Life Care

Okay, have to admit the term “Life Care” is somewhat of a made-up term. Of course there are a lot of mad-up terms that have become accepted ways of describing different types of care. For us, the expression describes much of what we do, and can be divided into three broad areas of care:

1. Pastoral Care. Pastoral Care is a broad term for care within a faith context. There are four broad categories that pastoral care cover. These are:

  • Healing
  • Guidinglife care
  • Sustaining
  • Reconciling

2.  Crisis Care.  Crisis Care focuses on lives  torn apart due to major loss, disaster (particularly group or community disasters), and trauma. The focus is on defusing, debriefing, and education. Care applies to primary victims, secondary victims, and “hidden” victims.

3.  Member Care. Member Care covers the broad network of support associated with the life cycle of a professional in ministry (and family and team). Most commonly, member care here relates to missionaries or ministry professionals.

You could say that Crisis Care is Pastoral Care for those suffering from excessive stress or trauma. Member Care is Pastoral Care for those with long-term stress due to professional ministry.


Poem for Reflection


Christopher Morley

How many humble hearts have dipped
In you, and scrawled their manuscript!
Have shared their secrets, told their cares,
Their curious and quaint affairs!

Your pool of ink, your scratchy pen,
Have moved the lives of unborn men,
And watched young people, breathing hard,
Put Heaven on a postal card.


While this poem is supposed to be for a post office ink well (since it was written close to 1920), it seems to describe many of our lives as well as we are written into by others, and we, in turn, write into the lives other others. What do you think?