Lay Shepherding Program in Bocaue

Bob and Celia Munson and Mariz Eustaquio led training in Bocaue, Bulacan, August 15-16, 2015. The training is in Lay Shepherding, with the primary goal of establishing a structured and ethical Lay Shepherding program in the church. We had a great time, and Ptr. Renato and his wife Joy, along with other members of the church were wonderful hosts. 16 church leaders, mostly from Vineyard Christian Church of Bocaue, were trained in the program. We pray that it will help them in their growth in lay shepherding, both as in internal ministry, and an external ministry. Additionally, we pray that it will help us improve our training program. We have already made a few minor changes, and are looking forward to formalizing the structure in the next few weeks.

Select members of the team will be doing CPE or CPE with Celia starting in the last week of September.

If you are interested in principles of lay shepherding and how to establish a layshepherding program in your church, contact us at


June 2015 Updates

Doc Paul’s CPE group will be coming back soon from HK. Four of the five were able to go. Welcome back!

Next week, Dr. Dickens (CPSP Diplomate and professor of Pastoral Counseling at Gardner-Webb University) will be with us for several days. He will be teaching Guided Readings in Pastoral Care at ABGTS. Bob, Celia, and Doc Paul, from our group, look forward to both the readings and the guidance.

CPE starts up again on the 15th for Celia’s group and the 20th for Doc Paul’s group. (contact us at if you have any questions)

Oh yeah, and PBTS first term starts on the 16th.

August we will start our Lay Shepherding CPO in Bocaue, Bulacan (Lord willing).

Things are a busy busy..