One thought on “a100_0603

  1. I thank God for the partnership Bocaue Baptist Church and Bukal Life Care has in the ministry of pastoral care.

    I learned a lot from the training, and I also learn more from our table talk at home. It was also an amazing time to be prayed for by our ninong and ninang.

    In July, the 700 Club team had visited the church and now missionaries Bob and Celia. The Club is now sending in list of counselees for follow up, and thank God, we one of them has opened their home for a weekly family altar with Ptr Mariz and I. Yesterday, Dr Cesar Ballesteros was invited to grace our pulpit and shared “Are we of lesser faith if we seek professional medical help in times of sickness?” It was a blessing to learn biblical principles from the art and science of medicine.

    Please pray for me as Dr Cesar helps me and Ptr Mariz to get approval as hospital chaplains at St Paul Hospital and Dr Yangas Hospital in Bocaue, Bulacan for our chaplaincy training.

    We are looking forward to our September training.

    God bless po!


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