Christian Counseling Seminar

We had a great time at Center of Hope for Women… a ministry in Baguio City… in leading a one-day seminar on the basics of Christian Counseling.  Around 15 trainees attended from the Center of Hope and Philippine College of Ministry. We also had a few of our CPE trainees join. We had five parts to our training. The first part was a presentation on the background or introduction to Christian Counseling. The next was a presentation on Emotions. The Center of Hope provided a great lunch. After lunch we had a learning activity that involved a ball of string and a series of insults and compliments (don’t ask… but it went well). Then we had our third presentaiton, and that was on self-care and healthy boundaries. Finally, we had question and answer. We also provided a handout on effective (and ineffective) therapeutic conversation. We really did not go over that because of lack of time.


Seminar April 14. “The Distinctive of Christian Counseling with Counselor Rudy French

Led by Counselor Rudy French. Explore the uniqueness of Christian Counseling as compared to other counseling disciplines. Explore case studies, engage in discussions, encounter experiential learning and guided imageries that will help you better understand, empathize, and care for those impacted by pain, grief, death, dying, and bereavement from a Christian perspective.

It is 8:30am – 12pm at West Baguio Baptist Church, Baguio City. Cost is P50 for preregistered, P75 for on-site registration. Please call Jehny at 0933-302-0373 or Christian at 0923-737-1054.