In Case You Were Wondering…

We have had a few questions recently regarding CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) in Manila. Over a year ago, we expanded CPE out of Baguio City to Manila… particularly, Quezon City.

This continued into 2012. However, in 2012, CPSP-PI (the Philippine branch of the College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy) was formed. With the organization of CPSP-PI chapters in October, we made a major change. Certification for training centers would not only be based on organization but on region. Rather than dealing with overseeing separately certified training centers in different parts of the country, we decided to spin off the Manila CPE centers.

We are still connected with the CPE centers in Manila, but via CPSP-PI. However, since October 2012, we are not connected organizationally.

So… we are carrying out CPE training in Baguio City and La Trinidad. For those interested in CPSP-certified CPE training in Manila or other parts of the Philippines, please check with CPSP-Philippines (


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