Upcoming CPE trainings

The following is the tentative schedule for Clinical Pastoral Education over the next 12 months:

A. CPE 2011 Batch 2 June 18 – Sep 10. Baguio City

B. CPE 2011 Batch 3 (A/B) Aug 6 – Oct 29. Baguio (A) and Manila (B)

C. CPE 2011 Batch 4 (A/B) Nov 12 – Feb 11 (break from Dec 18 – Jan 6) Baguio (A) and Manila (B).

D. CPE 2012 Batch 1 Mar 19 – Jun 2. Baguio City

Application in the Forms section of website (www.bukallife.org) must be filled out and subsequent interview and testing required before admittance to the program. Contact us at info@bukallife.org if you have any questions.


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