June Updates

We have had a number of people asking about medical missions. We appreciate the interest, but we have not been able to be too helpful. The reason is that we are taking a bit of a break from medical missions. Part of this is because we have had a horribly hectic April and May… so we are trying to get a bit of rest. So what has happened up to this point? Here are a few things (January – May):

1. Had several medical missions. These include

Saplad-David, Macabebe. 200 treated
Pulo, Macabebe. 160 treated
Street Children, Baguio 50 treated (provided supplies)
Gaswiling, Kapangan 250 treated

2. Had a lot of training.

Basic 1st Aid/CPR (with Phil Red Cross) 20 trained
2 from our team atteneded Haggai Institute NTS
Crisis Chaplaincy 2 week program 5 trained
Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) 9 week 11 trained
Crisis Symposium at University of Cordilleras 34 trained
CPE Symposium 40 trained
COMDEV 3 day training 19 trained
First Aid for STMers 40 trained

3. Additional activities

Film showing at National Police Academy, Baguio 200 attended
Helped with VVM film showing in Gaswiling 150 attended
Co-sponsored blood-drive 30 gave blood

So what is going on in June?

a. Bob is in the United States for a few weeks visiting friends, relatives, and churches.
b. Ptr. Joel, Celia and others are pushing through with paperwork with SEC and PRC for the counseling center which should be formally opening in just a few weeks.
c. Dave is finishing a summer program with youth in Guisad, Baguio City.
d. The Co-op is preparing for its membership orientation.

As we enter July, we hope to be up and running with the counseling center… and we hope to be back to scheduling medical missions and training seminars. Hope this information is of help. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at info@bukallife.org.


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