May Updates

April is over. Praise God for surviving it. It has been a tremendously busy month… so happy to take a wee bit of a break. Still a few things going on.

1. Clinical Pastoral Education program is continuing through the end of May. Will let you know when graduation will be exactly.

2. Working on the paperwork to formally open the counseling center. It will have West Baguio Baptist Church as its primary office. The facilities are almost done.

3. We have put the Kids Club in a state of haiatus for awhile. This was because of the typhoons last October and November (leading schools to having Saturday classes making our Saturday groups impossible). However, Dave Baltazar (with a couple of helpers) has started a Summer Kids Club for neighborhood boys in the Ferguson Road area (it meets at the headquarters of Bukal Life). Dave and his friends have been doing a great job and this small, growing group has been quite successful. We will have to see where we are going from here. Prayerfully considering expanding the ministry beyond Summer.

4. Looking at a couple of sites for medical missions. We are seeking to do less medical missions, but want to continue doing this sort of ministry occasionally as a method to open doors for long-term ministry forms. 5. By the way. We don’t always put our information all in the same place. We also put some different news and pictures on our blogsite “” and two facebook pages “bukal life ministries” and “shepherd’s oikos”.


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