Training in Guindulman

We have a partnership with PBTS (both seminary and student council) for work in the Visayas. The first step was to do training in Guindulman, Bohol. The team includes Alexis, a member of the staff of Bukal. Joylene, who has been a trainee of Bukal, assisted. From PBTS, Ptr. Ronnie, Fritz, and Jeremiah (JB) joined. This was done in partnership with Vis-Con Southern Baptist Churches (represented and supported by Ptr. Rolly, and Dr. Erlyn). Ptr. Erwin from Guildulman served as host along with his church. 1558457_860227857327046_1302833837_n 22 trainees from all over Bohol joined. Training from Bukal was primarily in pastoral care, crisis care (and psychological first aid), and teaching methods. PBTS and Vis-Con supported training in church planting, church growth, discipleship, and Baptist Distinctives. The training went well. Following the training, two had to continue on to other work. However, Alexis, Fritz, and JB continue their work in crisis care (in response to the earthquake and typhoon in the Visayas in late 2013). They will be in Bohol, Cebu, Leyte, and Iloilo for the next two weeks in this work. Guindulman 1

Disaster Response: Phase #1

Basic Disaster Response Crisis Care training will be held at Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary on Wednesday Nov 13 and Thursday Nov 14, from 6pm – 8pm. The training will be led by Bukal Life Care. We are focusing on those who will be traveling to the Visayas for relief work in the next few days, but others are welcome to join.

Crisis Care with focus on Children will be held during the week of Nov 18, also at Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary. This training will also be led by Bukal Life Care. Exact times to be determined. Again, focus is on DR team preparing to leave, but others are welcome.

Please keep those in the typhoon destruction zone in your prayers. But also remember the relief workers who voluntarily place themselves in a difficult position. Two or three members of our team at Bukal Life Care are joining the trip… and more will most likely join subsequent trips.