FAQs and Clarifications


We have been getting an increase number of inquiries  regarding what we do, and what we don’t do.  Here are a few that may be of help

—Do we provide Residential service treatments?

No.  We do have some clients who come and stay for a few days. We are on the beautiful campus of Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary, and they have nice, reasonably priced rooms for a short visit. However, that is to be arranged with the seminary, and we do not provide care services outside of the normal pastoral care sessions.  For example, for those who need 24 hour care in the treatment of addiction, we lack the facilities, personnel, and program to address this.

—Do we treat major psychoemotional problems?

Generally no. It depends on what one considers “major.” However, we are trained in historical pastoral care and clinical pastoral care. Psychotherapy, as practiced by psychologists and psychiatrists to treat major DSM-V problems, we leave to these experts. Generally, we hold to the 4-fold model of historical pastoral care as defined by Clebsch & Jaekle. We involve ourselves in:

  •       Sustaining those who are suffering grief and loss
  •        Healing (especially psychospiritually) those who are hurting
  •       Guiding, eductively, those who have lost their way
  •       Reconciling those who are relationally disconnected

<Note:  It is true that we do periodically evaluate clients and refer them to professional psychotherapy specialists. On occasion we assist the psychologist in the treatment… but that is not normally the case.>

—Do we do “Biblical Counseling”?

It depends what one means by this. If one means nouthetic counseling, or the counseling in the tradition of Jay Adams, the answer is No. We draw heavily from theological insights, but are comfortable to intentionally accept insight from psychological insights. As such, our care is more in line with the following “schools” of care:

  • Integrationist view of psychology and theology
  • Christian Counseling movement
  • Historical Pastoral Care
  • Clinical Pastoral Care Movement

That being said, some problems point to treatments that are more in line with the Biblical Counseling Movement, and we will use those methods (such as for unresolved sin, and issues regarding grace and forgiveness) when appropriate.

—Do we do “Delivierance Ministry”?

While having a number of meanings, this commonly relates to issues regarding demon oppression and seeking miraculous healings of various sorts.Acknowledging the various controversies in this particular form of ministry, we choose generally to leave this form of care to those who feel they are gifted in it.

However, we certainly recognize the power of God as the “Great Physician” and will commonly join the client in prayer, if that is his or her desire.

—Are we Counselors or Psychotherapists? 

In terms of Philippine Law, the answer is No.  While we work with counselors and psychotherapists (as defined by the Professional Regulatory Commission of the Philippines), as a group, our care is pastoral care, also known by some as spiritual care. Our certification for our care providers is via CPSP, an international pastoral care, pastoral supervision, and clinical chaplaincy certifier.  Their website is HERE

<We do at times have team members who are also certified by the PRC in guidance and counseling, but our focus is in pastoral care.>

—Do we charge for services?

We do not charge for pastoral care services. Donations are certainly welcomed, but they are neither expected, nor encouraged. We do charge for some trainings, especially Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) and Clinical Pastoral Orientation (CPO).

—What are our Office Hours?

To be honest, we don’t hold consistent office hours. We are a group of volunteers. Our office is commonly open during certain periods of time— especially during CPE training periods, but still prefer to be contacted to arrange an appointment. If you just decide to drop in, there is a good chance our doors will be closed, or if open, we may be busy with training or counseling sessions.


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