Activities June and Beyond

calendariconHere is a birds-eye look at where we are and what is coming along down the line.


  • Celia’s CPE group is just finishing as the four trainees are turning in the last of their requirements.
  • Paul’s CPE group is still in full swing, with 8 members. They expect to finish in June or early July.
  • BJMP ministry partnering with Prison Fellowship International (Philippines) continues every other Tuesday.


  • PBTS starts its new semester this June 14. Celia is teaching Intro to Pastoral Care & Counseling (BTh students). Bob is teaching Missionary Member Care (Masters students). Paul continues with his SEE (seminary education by extension) program.
  • July 4-15.  CPO Intensive Program. This is a 2-week intensive in principles of clinical pastoral care and counseling. This is in partnership with Minister Heartlink.

August and Beyond

  • August 29.  Start of CPE Half-unit Extended. They will meet as a group the last Monday and Tuesday of each month— August through November.
  • October 4-11.  Minister Heartlink retreat/seminar trip to 3 sites in Mindanao.
  • October at CPSP-Philippines.  Dr. Raymond Lawrence, General Secretary of CPSP, will be teaching at St. Andrews Theological Seminary in Manila. We will also be meeting him for trainings and reviews in Manila and in Iloilo. Exact schedule will come later.
  • October 16-22.  Pastoral Care Week. Theme this year is Spiritual Reslience.



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