Clinical Pastoral Education/Training Graduation in Baguio City

Graduation Ceremony

CPE Graduation-- Summer 2013

CPE Graduation– Summer 2013

was held at West Baguio Baptist Church for Summer Graduates and others. We had a Prayer Ceremony composed and led by Sister Tammy, followed by the actual graduation ceremony. The graduates were in two different groups. One group of 5 were supervised by Celia Munson, the other 5 by Joyce Gray. Some graduates were doing the Summer Intensive Program, while some were doing Half Unit. The following are our Summer Graduates:

  • Gideon Calumpong                      Evangelical
  • Rev. Penelope Caytap                Anglican
  • Ariel Cerdenola                            Lutheran
  • Maricel Tindungan                      Evangelical
  • Alfredo Dela Cruz Jr.                  Baptist
  • Noel Edduba Malaggay             Anglican
  • Sr. Tomasa A. Padcayan           Roman Catholic
  • Chris Ian Rodriguez                    Lutheran
  • Sr. Tammy B. Saberon                Roman Catholic
  • Victor Sibayan                               Lutheran

Also recognized at the graduation even were some who had been missed previously with certificates including

  • Fhey Kindipan Coyoy
  • Bartolo Dela Cruz
  • Elizabeth Rodis Janapin
  • Marie Alexis Mendoza

Further,CPSP (College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy) certificates were handed out:

  • Celia Munson
  • Rebecca Taylor
  • Dr. Ryan Clark
  • Jehny Pedazo
  • Dr. Paul Tabon
  • Ptr. Edenbhert Tong

Some other CPSP certificates were distributed to others previously.

Congratulations to all. The next Batch will start in mid-June, led by Joyce Gray. In mid-July we hope to have a “Saturdays Extended CPE” led by Celia Munson. Please contact us at, for any questions and applications.


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