<CPE = “Clinical Pastoral Education>

<CPO = “Clinical Pastoral Orientation>

<CPSP = “College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy>

Jan-Mar   Extended CPE (2011 Batch 4A) continues

Extended CPE-Manila begins (2011 Batch 1B). End date TBD.

Feb 6    CPO at Philippine College of Ministry completes.

Mar 1-4    CPSP Diplomate Visit—Staff Appraisal and Enhancement —Dr. Raymond Lawrence

Mar 20 –25    Summer Intensive CPE (2012 Batch 2) Orientation

May 8- May 13   2nd Annual William & Viola Farrel Pastoral Care Symposium

         CPSP Diplomate Visit—Staff Appraisal and Enhancement —Dr. Cesar Espineda

May 26    Intensive CPE (2012 Batch 2) Graduation

Jun-Aug    Extended CPE (2012 Batch 3)

Sept – Nov    Extended CPE (2012 Batch 4)

Oct    Board of Trustees Annual Meeting

Oct 8-14  CPSP Diplomate Visit—Staff Appraisal and Enhancement —Dr. Charles Starr

Oct     2nd Anniversary Celebration

Nov    Bukal Life Staff and BOT Thanksgiving

Dec     Break


On-going Activities:

CPO groups in Baguio, Kalinga, Bulacan etc. are being scheduled.

Bi-Monthly Pastoral Care & Counseling Mini-Workshop—Last Saturdays of January, March, May, July, September and November.

Disaster Response Crisis Intervention training for teammembers and interested partners will be scheduled

Note: Bukal Life-certified CPE supervisors as well as individual centers (such as Manila and Bacolod) work with a certain amount of scheduling freedom. Therefore, schedules can vary considerably.


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