Special Needs Ministry Training at PBTS

We had a great time with a half day training in incorporating Special Needs children, adults (and their families) into the church and ministry. 70 people attended the training. These included the Bukal Life CPE trainees, teachers from Calvary Baptist Elementary School, and church education leaders. The training was led by Bob and Celia Munson of Bukal Life, and Julie Sibucao, the principal at Calvary Baptist Elementary School.

Special Needs Ministry Training At CBES

Special Needs Ministry Training

Individual Education Training Plan


3 thoughts on “Special Needs Ministry Training at PBTS

    • Thanks for your kind remarks. Sadly, Gwen Bowles, the specialist from our church in the US, could not make the trip in May. Therefore, we postponed the VBS until they come. At that time, we plan to work with a special needs school near us (we work with the Chaplain there) to have an after school program. We were able to do training with church education leaders here in Baguio to inspire (prayerfully) churches to take on this important ministry. We used various resources in this training… some of it coming from your website: http://specialneedsministry.org/ Thanks for your service to churches and all those with special needs… special in God’s sight.


  1. Give some thought to doing a guest blog post on our blog because it’s purpose is to share what others are out there doing in the area of special needs ministry! Others who subscribe or follow might want to see what you’re to!


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