Mini-Medical Work at CARTS


Celia and Angie doing pre-check-up evaluations

Busy at the Pharmacy

November 10, we did Phase III of our CARTS police cadet ministry. The police cadets were involved in landslide work and body recovery in response to Typhoon Pepeng.

Phase I.  Provided supplies and vitamins to help cadets in their landslide work.

Phase II.  Provided crisis intervention with cadets, and crisis care training.

Phase III. Held mini-medical with cadets. Many suffer from coughs as a result of the long hours of work at the landslides and breathing in the dirt and dust there.  We were able to treat 173 cadets… giving medicines and vitamins for them.

Once again we thank Col. Paredo and Major Benitez, particularly, for their concern for the physical and spiritual well-being of the students under their care at the Police National Training Center at CARTS.

We also thank Dr. Colomma and the numerous nurses and other volunteers who helped make all of this come together.


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