Article on Disaster Response Chaplaincy

This was written several years ago, but some tiny changes were made to it as it was resubmitted to, so decided to provide a link to it for those interested.

Snapshots of Faith, Hope, and Growth in Disaster Response Chaplaincy

Dalicno Trip. Disaster Response Counseling Training

We travelled to Dalicno, Itogon… a mining community in the Cordillera Mountains of the Philippines. We spent the day there at Mountain Light Church leading training for a bit over 20 in Disaster Response Counseling. Bob led the morning lecture. Celia led the afternoon training and NOVA group training. Juliet led music and assisted with the NOVA small groups. Jehny acted as our host and assisted with NOVA group training. We thank the church and people of Dalicno for their hospitality. It is a beautiful place and had a wonderful time. Some photos are on Facebook.