Going into June 2023 Updates

We have recently expanded our chaplaincy work at Baguio General Hospital (BGH), in partnership with KABSAT, and are just starting regular chaplaincy duties at Saint Louis University Sacred Heart Medical Center (SLU Hospital). Supervisor Vo is overseeing this work in conjunction with our three Supervisors-in-Training..

Supervisor Celia and Doc Bob just got back from Palawan celebrating commissioning of Supervisor Lyn’s CPE group. Yesterday, they did their first webinar on Servant Leadership with their CPO training group. These will continue monthly for the next few months.

Moving into June, here are a few things to look forward to:

JUNE 15. Commissioning of our trainees for Summer Intensive CPE. It is planned to be at 10am with Ptr. Mike Dizon (a CPE alumnus) to provide the inspirational address.

LATE JUNE. Tentatively, we hope to have a Half Unit Intensive CPE held supervised by Supervisor Vo.

MID-AUGUST. We plan to have our next CPE batch starting at that time. It is not certain yet if it will be Intensive or Extended. This will be run by our CPE SITs, with oversight of Supervisor Vo or Supervisor Celia (or both).

MID-AUGUST. We are planning to hold Clinical Pastoral Orientation (CPO) in partnership with Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary (PBTS) and led by Supervisor Celia.

As always, we are flexible and open to new opportunities and change. Feel free to contact us at bukallife@gmail.com if you have any questions.


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