August 2022 Updates

Leaving the Pandemic behind, things have gotten a bit busy.

August 2. We had the Commissioning for our Mid-year half unit.

Above: Supervisors Celia and Vo with Trainees: Thao, Joeseph, Bhab, Jezza, Peter, Charlemagne, Mark, Jonas, Al, Ceasar, and Karlo.

August 7. Started CPO online with a ministry group in Manila. This will continue for the next 7 weeks.

“Prayerwatch” CPO Group

August 16-18. Bob and Celia Munson are representing Bukal Life Care, especially work in Missionary Member Care, in the National Missions Conference of One Sending Body (2022)

Late August. We are anticipating leading a training in Crisis Defusing in Baguio. This is with an NGO that works with schoolchildren. More info when that happens.

Other things going on such as a PC club (not founded by us, but by one of our trainees… and we hope to assist) here at PBTS. Also, making good progress on our Bukal Life Journal. We are at around 30 pages. Hope to finish before October.


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