March 2022 Updates

It is a long time since we have given updates. Some of that is because we haven’t been that busy due to the pandemic. Nevertheless, things were happening and still are:

Chaplain Lyn’s Group

—- Two CPE groups have recently finished. One of them was led by Chaplain Vo, while another was led by Chaplain Lyn.

— Our next CPE group (possibly groups) will start in Late March. It will be our Summer Intensive. That means that it is a Full (400 hour) Unit in about 11 weeks. Intensive is the correct term. Due to Pandemic limitations, the primary work will be a mix of face-to-face and online, and the ministry will be community-based. If you have questions, email us at

— We are presently working on the 2022 edition of Bukal Life Care Journal. Volume 1 was done back in 2012 and Volume 2 was completed in 2013. It has been awhile, but things are moving fast, hoping to be done by July. We are also cleaning up our first three volumes so that all three can come out updated as a set. More information can be requested by emailing


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