Time to Look Back

One of the good things about having a bit of a pandemic-caused vacation is that it gives us a time to organize our stuff. We have had time to put our training packets and tests in a more organized (less disorganized) form, photos organized by year and project, certificates together and protected, and trainee folders trimmed and validated.

It is also a time to compile data and see where we were and where we are now. We recently updated our CPE and FCPT (CPO) data. We included all groups starting in 2009. <In 2009, Celia and Ptr. Joel started Shepherd’s Oikos. Then later that year, Bob and Celia (with Joey, Gracia, and Angie) formed Bukal Life Ministries. In 2010, Shepherd’s Oikos and Bukal LIfe Ministries joined together as Bukal Life Care and Counseling Center.>

Number of Trainees who have completed at least a half unit of CPE192
Total number of CPE “man-units” completed166.5
Number of Trainees who have completed a course in FCPT (CPO)79
# of Supervisors in Training at Bukal Life Care through its history16
Total number of hours (ministry and formal training) constituting the CPE and FCPT (CPO) courses113,900

Those who have served as SITs with Bukal Life Care

  • Celia Munson (SIT and Supervisor)
  • Paul Tabon (SIT and Supervisor)
  • Joel Aguirre (SIT)
  • Vo Canoy (SIT)
  • Lyn Montecastro (SIT)
  • Jehny Pedazo (SIT)
  • JM Bagalan (SIT)
  • Edgar Chan (SIT)
  • Sim Dang-Awan Jr. (SIT and Supervisor)
  • Sofia Natama (SIT)
  • Ryan Clark (SIT)
  • Joyce Gray (SIT)
  • Tess Leones (SIT)
  • Becky Taylor (SIT)
  • Chit Panizales (SIT)
  • Sofia Cinches (SIT)

Sometime hope to figure out how many seminars we held and how many people attended… but may have to wait for the next pandemic to have that information collected.


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