July Updates

2020 has been quite a year. July 18 we were supposed to have the Commissioning service for CPE Groups 1 and 2. However, at 8am of the 18th, our Barangay went into full lockdown— no one in, no one out. So the Commissioning is postponed. Thankfully Group 2 was able to do their final case presentations online.


Until lockdown is over, all pastoral counseling services must be done through electronic means.

August CPE group 3 will be held at Bukal office, assuming lockdown is over by then.

At our staff meeting, we agreed to work towards full online CPE. We are considering two formats. One is a unit built around Moodle (with video chat assisting) which will be for Seminary and SEE groups. The other would be primarily built around videochat, for other groups. Hoping to learn how to make this work.

Starting August 11, are partner institution, Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary, will start a new semester. All of the classes will be available online. This includes Pastoral Care and Counseling courses. See http://www.pbts.net.ph for details.


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