February Updates

We haven’t put in updates in awhile. But that doesn’t mean that nothing has happened.

In January we had:

  • Board Meeting of CPSP-Philippines hosted at Bukal Life Care
  • Gift-giving to inmates at La Trinidad District Jail
  • Completion of two groups of CPE trainees
  • Hosted Case Presentation led by Dr. Raymond Lawrence, General Secretary of CPSP
  • Hosted signing of new Memorandum of Agreement between CPSP and CPSP-Philippines

Looking into upcoming activities… here are a few.

  • February 11.  Presentation by one of our trainees, Daniel Spaeth, of Family Life History Thesis. This will be the first such thesis done as part of the M.Div-PC program at Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary (this is a program that we partner with PBTS on).
  • February 17.  Parenting Seminar in La Trinidad (we are joining as panel members)
  • March 11.  Start of Summer Intensive Full Unit CPE
  • April 15.  Start of Summer Intensive Half Unit CPE
  • May 27.  Start of Palliative Care CPE

CPSP-Philippine Plenary scheduled to happen soon… but waiting for more details.



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