May in Photos

  1.  SIT Chaplain Vo and German, with CPE trainees Nathan, Michael, and Joel.  Self-care at Kuya J’s Restaurant.18620822_10209375134476413_2414255324870593968_o
  2. SIT Chaplain JM with his trainees Daniel, Rebecca, Honeylyn, Joy, and Les. Doing Community ministry in Antipolo18671719_10155332717799817_6896514679619702970_o
  3. Celia and Connie doing training and counseling ministry with women inmates at La Trinidad District Jail.                                                                                                                   18342467_10155260714582622_6089340774151200557_n
  4. SIT Doc Paul with his CPE trainees Ruel, Crystal, Paul, and Vengie. With Bob and Celia. Being hosted by Father Ivo at the St. Camellus Novitiate for dinner.18739804_10155311700902622_1458989434943950232_n
  5. Celebrate Recovery training. Training being used for Drug Surrenderer program at Mines View and Lualhati. Training held at GCF-Metro Baguio.18619933_10213487544891156_7321832894402591425_n

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