Busy Week of Pastoral Care Training Coming

The week of April 23rd is very very busy from a Pastoral Care Training Standpoint.

  1.  April 23rd. Our friends at AACPE (Asian Association of Clinical Pastoral Education) are having their Annual convention in Manila. Interesting topics, especially in terms of Drug Addiction and Recovery. (The first image is their advertisement.)
  2. April 24-25. We at Bukal Life are working with PBTS and CPSP-Philippines. PBTS’s annual seminar, the Dayot and Dickens (“DAD”) conference will this time feature, Dr. Doug Dickens, Diplomate of CPSP. The focus is on Pastoral Diagnosis. (The 2nd and 3rd images provide details and schedule.)
  3. April 26-29. APTS in Baguio is hosting the Saline Process training, as well as Training of Trainers. While this does not fit completely under the umbrella of Pastoral Care, it does provide some tools that are used by pastoral care providers in hospital situations.  (The 4th image provides details.)

17017048_1657990074217893_3019405495266199152_o15977702_758966124259815_6133321114175856893_n17499523_798785363611224_5860916560242604649_nSaline Process 001


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