Late July 2013 Updates

1. The CPE Group led by Joyce had their mid-unit evaluation at Winaca Eco Park in Benguet. They had a great time in a beautiful place.


2. On July 25th, we had a “field trip” to SLU-Sunflower Children’s Center. They were founded by Father Geraldo Acosta years ago and focuses on Play Therapy with children. We appreciate Jennifer, Father Acosta and others on the staff who were so welcoming. We have to refer some cases to others and the visit was very helpful to us with regards to this as well as cross-training opportunities.

3.  In the first week of August, we expect to go down to Pampanga to do training and evaluation with regards to a unique and challenging ministry there. We will hold off on details in this area… waiting to ensure that this happens.

4.  August 17 is the expected date of an Extended Half-Unit of CPE, led by Celia. Email us at if you have any questions or concerns.At Sunflower


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