PSLC Life Coach Certification Training in Baguio

The PSLC Life Coach Certificate Training Program

Facilitator:  Randy Misael S. Dellosa, M.D., Psy.D.

Class Schedule:  4 days: March 14-17,  9am – 8 pm

Venue:  Heritage Mansion, Baguio City

Program Description:

The PSLC Life Coach Certificate Training Program equips participants with foundational principles, skills, and attitudes of helping others make positive changes in their lives. 

The teaching methods used in this training program include self-awareness exercises, lectures, discussions, skills-building activities, video analysis, home assignments, actual practice, and supervision.

The PSLC Life Coach Certificate Training Program is unique and superior to other programs because:

  • It is designed by a Filipino for Filipinos, making it consistent with the Filipino mindset, Filipino temperament, and Filipino ways of interaction;
  • It is strongly grounded in both psychological theory and research;
  • It focuses on developing the character/ personality of the Life Coach;
  • It emphasizes strong adherence to ethical guidelines;
  • It is highly interactive and highly experiential with plenty of skills-building activities; and
  • Participants receive feedback and supervision from Dr. Randy Dellosa himself, who is a long-time professional, competent, and experienced Life Coach. 

To become a Certified Life Coach, the participant must (1) complete the 4-day PSLC Life Coach Certificate Training Program, (2) attend 3 personal growth workshops facilitated by other institutions recommended by PSLC, and (3) attend 3 skills-building workshops facilitated by other institutions recommended by PSLC.

This program is designed for anyone who wants to be a Life Coach, whether it be in a professional, ministry or non-professional context.  This includes people who want to embark on a new career as a Life Coach, HR practitioners and managers who want to use life coaching skills in an organizational setting, and non-professionals who just want to enhance their relationships and interactions with friends and loved ones. 

Topic Coverage: 

  • Foundations of Life Coaching
    • The Definition of Life Coaching
    • The Business Roots of Coaching
    • The Psychological Roots of Life Coaching
    • The Thrust of Life Coaching
    • The Popularization of Life Coaching
    • Coaching in the Philippines
  • Understanding the Life Coach and Client
    • The Personhood of the Life Coach
    • The Psychology of the Client
  • Life Coaching and Filipino Psychology
    • Life Coaching and its Filipino Equivalent
    • Why Filipinos Seek Life Coaching
    • Sikolohiyang Pilipino and Filipino Core Values
    • The Life Coach as Di-Ibang Tao
  • The Process and Competencies of Life Coaching
    • The Consultation Room
    • Overview of the Life Coaching Process
    • Creating First Impressions and Building Rapport
    • Helping the Client Open Up
    • Exploring and Understanding the Client’s Problematic Situation
    • Focusing on an Issue or Topic
    • Identifying What the Client Wants to Achieve from the Sessions
    • Creating Strategies and Action Plans
    • Closing the Session
  • The Multiple Roles and Skills of a Life Coach
    • The Life Coach as Consultant
    • The Life Coach as Para-professional Counselor
    • The Life Coach as Mentor
    • The Life Coach as Trainor
    • The Life Coach as Facilitator
    • The Life Coach as Mediaton
  • The Tasks and Scope of Life Coaching
    • Common Life Problems
    • Life Skills for Personality Development
    • Themes for Personal Growth
  • Ethical Considerations in Life Coaching
    • Ethics in Coaching
    • The Do’s and Don’ts of Life Coaching
    • Working through Ethical Issues and Dilemma
    • Referring Clients to Other Professionals
    • Informed Consent Form
    • The Life Coach’s Referral Network
    • Professional Credentialing of Life Coaches
  • Establishing a Private Practice
    • Maintaining a Stable Income Base
    • The Professional Fee
    • Answering Phone, SMS, and Email inquiries
    • Being a Specialist
    • Implementing a Missed Appointment Policy
    • Implementing a Phone Consultation Policy
    • The Need for Self Promotion
    • Networking
    • Setting up Shop


  • On-site Registration Fee (March 14, 2013): P35,000 per participant 
  • Early Bird Registration Fee (on or before March 8, 2013): P30,000 per participant
  • Early Bird Group Registration Fee (3 or more participants): P28,000 per participant.
  • For Bukal Participants and Pastors: SPECIAL RATE: P8,000 per participant
  • Account Name:  PSLC/ Philippine Society of Life Coaches; BDO Account No. 4700074011
  • Fee includes hand-outs, lunch and snacks, and a PSLC Life Coach Training Program Certificate of Attendance. 
  • A Life Coach Practitioner Certificate is awarded to the participant after completing all 3 requirements.

For Pre-Registration and Inquiries: 

  • For Baguio Participants, pls call Ms. Gina Pacis (PSLC Board Officer) @09228008929
  • For Luzon and MM Participants pls call May (PSLC Secretariat)  at (632) 415-6529 or (632) 415-7964.

Facilitator Profile: 

  • Randy Misael S. Dellosa is not only a Life Coach but a psychotherapist, clinical psychologist, psychiatrist, and holistic physician as well. 
  • In facilitating the PSLC Life Coach Certificate Training Program, he integrates his academic knowledge, clinical insights, and life learnings to help the participants become the best people-helpers they can become.
  • He is co-founder and current president of the Philippine Society of Life Coaches.

2 thoughts on “PSLC Life Coach Certification Training in Baguio

    • Hi Jade. Since the life coaching course was being provided by an outside group, so not sure we are experts on coaches. Experts may give a better answer. As for me, I would probably suggest two important things:
      -A good coach is more interested in the success of his trainee than in his own success.
      -A good coach is more interested in the holistic (whole life) success of his trainee, than success in a narrow specialty.
      Open to other ideas.


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