April 2012 Updates

Just a few updates.

1. Our Executive Director, Rev. Joel Aguirre is presently in Pittsburgh, PA attending the Annual Conference of the College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy (CPSP). He plans to return the first week in April.

2. The CPE Intensive has started again in Baguio. There are presently 17 trainees, including trainees from Philippines, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, and Haiti. We also have a number of trainees at our Manila Branch presently.

3. Planning to have our Pastoral Care Symposium is still being planned for the first week in May. This will be in Baguio, although it is possible to repeat it in Manila (we shall see).

4. Plan to have new CPE branches in June and August in Baguio. Will update regarding Manila schedule later.

5. Photos of Celia Munson’s Group for CPE Batch 2012 1A .


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