Return to Cagayan de Oro

Our Disaster Response Crisis Intervention Team returned to Cagayan de Oro for training and crisis intervention. The team will start work with the Department of Education, as well as at some of the evacuation centers.

It may be worth explaining what we do. We are a religious organization and so some might assume that we focus on evangelism. That is not the case. When someone has gone through a major crisis, they should not make major decision, and should not be encouraged to. They need to be taken to a place of safety and security (physically, emotionally, and mentally). They need to be given a chance for ventilation and validation. They need a chance to plan and prepare for the future… to find a new normal.

We use NOVA (National Organization for Victim Assistance) for group intervention. We use Crisis Care Chaplaincy by the Southern Baptist Convention for training of chaplains, as well as Psychological First Aid by NCCTS (and others).


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