Medical Mission at Irisan Dumpsite

Doing ministry work at a dumpsite in the Philippines is a touchy thing. In many such locations, well-meaning Christians have created more dependency than growth in people who work and live at these dumpsites. Acknowledging this concern, we felt that we could be of help there, partnering with Mountain of Blessing… a small group that works with people at the dumpsite. The dumpsite has been closed for over a year (at least in the sense of no new garbage being brought in from Baguio City). However, there is still tons and tons of recyclables that are slowly sorted out and collected. Hundreds of people still live and work there.

We did our medical mission at the day care just outside the dumpsite. We were able to treat close to 400 patients. General medical, dental, and minor surgical services were provided. We were surprised at the number of children with infections. We had to go back to our medicine supplier to get more antibiotics and other medicines to cover the greater than expected needs.

We thank the large number of volunteers. Among these include Mountain of Blessing, CEF-Baguio, West Baguio Baptist Church, and local volunteers.


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