Some Thanks that have been forgotten

Sometimes we get busy and forget those who help make our work possible. Of course, we are thankful to our staff and SIT workers. We also appreciate our various partners here. We need to mention them specifically at another time. But here are some other thanks that needs to be made.

A. Volunteer thanks:
1. Dr. Raymond Lawrence, General Secretary of the College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy for joining us and training our CPE trainees and Supervisors in Training.
2. Dr. Cesar Espineda, diplomate with CPSP who will provide training for our trainees as well as lead a counseling symposium on May 14th.
3. Russell and Gwen Bowles, and Matt Wall. They will be coming over from Virginia to help us in social ministry particularly with special needs training and VBS.

B. Material Thanks.
1. Terry and Debbie Arndt, with WCA Hospital and Ivory Baptist Church. Medical and Surgical supplies.
2. Carmalita Grant and Gautier United Methodist Church. Hospital blankets, sheets, and smocks.
3. Doug and Cheryl Iverson. Numerous pastoral care and Christian counseling books.


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