Updates from Disaster Response Teams, Nov 28, 2013

Right now, there is only one team on mission. It is the Iloklan Team. The Iloklan team was in Kalibo helping out there, debriefing and providing relief goods, including galvanized iron for roofs of two churches. Then 16 hours of bus and fanboat to Baliguian Island where they did debriefing, rural assessment, art therapy. They were also able to provide 20 sacks of rice and other goods for the residents there. Have left the island and are back to more hours on the bus. Heading to Caticlan and then back to Kalibo.

The Ormoc Team got back to Baguio as are members of Bukal who joined the CPSP-PI team. The Ormoc team worked, not surprisingly, in Ormoc, but also in Tacloban. The CPSP-PI team worked mostly in Manila, but also had two members assist in Tacloban.

The Cebu Team had its planning meeting. The 10 member team will be leaving for Cebu Monday and Tuesday and be there about a week. Specific ministry points are being worked out.

Thanks to all of the volunteers and donors who have made this possible.


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